I teach yoga in public studios, corporate offices, private residences and my home yoga studio. In addition, I teach yoga workshops and retreats locally and internationally.

shefa yoga Rooseve-lt


All levels classes open to the public.

Monday 6pm & 7:30pm

Tuesday 4:30pm

Wednesday 7:30pm

Saturday 8am


All levels class open to the public

Monday 7pm

Saturday 8am

Earth Wind Fire Yoga

Private and Semi-  Private Classes


These classes are tailored to fit the needs of the individual. Private yoga is intended to provide the student with a safe environment and individualized instruction where exploration and healing can take place. Private classes are perfect for those who want individualized attention outside of the classroom environment, in order to focus on alignment, injury prevention, special conditions such as illness or trauma, and emotion healing.

Private sessions can include asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, relaxation, and aromatherapy massage.


Corpora-te Classes


Studies show that a high stress work environment leads to a decrease in productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Yoga helps alleviate stress using movement, breath and other relaxation techniques that can lead to a more thriving and productive work environment where there are less absences due to illness and other stress-related problems. I will conveniently come to your workplace and create a class suited to the needs of your employees.