Yoga Teacher Mentorship

In 2010, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, and within a week I moved up to Seattle. I did not know a soul in the Seattle yoga community - I had no home studio, no mentor, and no cohort of yogis that I could lean on. I was uncertain if I would ever teach yoga. After many months of dragging my feet, however, I realized I could not ignore the nagging voice inside my head telling me, calling me, to get out there and start teaching. So after apprehensively searching Craigslist ad after Craigslist ad, I finally took the plunge and reached out to a new studio in North Bend - 40 miles away from my apartment in downtown Seattle. I got the gig. Three times a week, I drove the hour commute North Bend and taught yoga to one, two, and sometimes three yoga students. It was a rough start! But at least it was something.

Why do I tell you this? Because I know how hard it can be to start out as a brand new yoga teacher. I've been there, and I can happily say that after years of hard work, taking that initial leap to teach has paid off. I am now teaching at studios that I once only dreamed of. I design and lead workshops and international retreats that are authentic to my style, values and voice. I am able to blend my two passions - yoga and psychotherapy - into one fulfilling career.

What would have made the transition into teaching much less stressful and anxiety provoking, however, was a mentor. I needed someone who could have given me guidance that went beyond what I learned in my 200-hr teacher training program. I needed someone to support me, give me constructive feedback, field questions, and assist my growth and development as a burgeoning teacher. I have created this program so that I can be that someone to you. Additionally, my work as a psychotherapist has prepared me to offer you the kind of support, feedback and tools that will be invaluable to your personal growth both on and off the mat. 

Together, we will formulate a goal for mentorship based on your individuals needs. Some issues addressed may be:

  • Developing your unique "voice" as a yoga teacher

  • Working with fear and resistance to teaching, and identifying the beliefs, stories, and insecurities that hold you back from your dreams

  • Sequencing and music - how important is the "perfect" sequence and the "perfect" playlist when you are just starting out as a teacher?

  • The M Word - MARKETING. Does even mentioning this strike fear in your heart? How important is it to market your classes? We will look at the pros and cons of using social media to market your services.

  • Applying for gigs and auditioning - where to begin?

  • Avoiding burn-out and creating work/life balance

  • Establishing confidence in your teaching abilities by identifying your unique strengths as a new yoga teacher

During our sessions, I will provide honest and heart-felt feedback that supports your growth and evolution as a yoga teacher.

This mentorship program is not only for new yoga teachers. This program is also offered to:

  • Seasoned teachers that feel stale in their teaching

  • Teachers that also work in the field of mental health care, and would like to figure out how to more seamlessly blend the two fields

  • Mental health care professionals looking to add yoga and mindfulness to their practice

  • Doctors, nurses and other healing professionals that would like to incorporate yoga into their work with patients

  • Those considering entering the field of yoga and/or mental health, and would like suggestions on which avenues to take

Here is the nitty-gritty:

  • One session is $90/hour

  • 4-session package is $300 ($60 savings)

  • Sessions can be held in person or via skype

Contact me today to set up a free consultation to see if we are a good fit!