Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is inherently therapeutic. Yoga teaches us that we are already whole and that within each and every one of us is the innate capacity to heal our bodies, minds and spirits.

Neuroscience is starting to confirm what yogis have known for millennia: yoga helps us feel better. Studies have shown that yoga can decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It can lower blood pressure, fight disease and ease chronic pain.

I am certified in both Trauma Informed Yoga and iRest (Integrative Restoration), methods that are useful in the treatment of trauma, PTSD, and stress. iRest is a meditative technique created by Dr. Richard Miller for combat soldiers seeking treatment at Walter Reed Army Hospital. You do not have to be a combat soldier to benefit from iRest, however; it can be just as helpful for members of the general public. I use iRest and Trauma Informed Yoga with my clients to help them regain feelings of well-being, calm, agency, and safety.

A therapeutic yoga session with me will most likely include movement (asana), breath-work (prananyama) and meditation (dhyana). Ultimately, however, we will work together to find a practice that is tailored individually to your needs and therapeutic goals.