"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather". - Pema Chodron

Welcome. All of us crave a meaningful life full of vitality and purpose. There are times, however, when we reach a crossroads: we feel stuck, lost, and find ourselves searching for answers. Maybe you are facing a personal or family crisis, a shift in identity, or a significant loss. Maybe you are wondering if "this" is all there is. You want to feel better, but you are not sure where to start.

I became a yoga teacher and psychotherapist because I have been there. I have sought growth and transformation from a holistic perspective; one that addresses my mind, body and spirit. I believe that in order for true healing to occur, the whole person must be involved and therefore I approach therapy from a yogic perspective, and yoga from a therapeutic perspective. In my work, I combine the latest in talk therapy and neuroscience with the ancient wisdom of yoga to encourage well-being, vitality and wholeness.

A session with me in my Seattle office may include mindfulness and meditation, deep breathing, yoga and traditional talk therapy. I will tailor a session to suit your unique needs. If you are ready to feel better but are unsure where to start, please contact me.